Grand River Cruise with Budapest  
8. Nürnberg  
Unfortunately the limited view from the coach is further restricted by the many trees lining many of  the streets - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Reminders of darker times: The former SS Barracks with its over 400 windows, once occupied after the War by the homeless and then by the US Arm, is now occupied by government offices.  The Palace of Justice, scene of the Nuremberg Trial - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrows

Thirty four of these toilet blocks once surround the vast Zepplin Field Rally Ground where the Führer’s Rostrum is flanked by the now crumbling grandstand which was based on the Pergamon Altar - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow

The city wall with its 128 towers built in the 15th century is largely intact - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Unschlittplatz, or Tallow Place, leads to the wooden section of the Henkersteg or Hangman’s Bridge - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
The bridge leads to a small island - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
From th eisland the stone covered section of the bridge leads on to the opposite bank of the River Pegnitz - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
. New development has been sympathetically incorporated around the Altstadt - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow

Just across the river major construction continues apace - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow

7 kilometres from Nürnberg on the Main-Danube Canal the Schleuse Eibach will raise SERENADE some 19 metres or 63 feet - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow.
Three locks later we will cross the European Continental Divide or watershed at 406 metres or 1,332 feet above sea level - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
After clearing Eibach the sky grows ever darker and as torrential rain falls we continue along the canal to join the Danube and, perhaps appropriately, head for Regensberg – meaning in English Rain Mountain!  VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow