Beyond Sydney


The river trip from Circular Quay to Parramatta by RiverCat takes about an hour.  Heading out from Sydney on the Cat (left);  passing a Sydney bound cat (right) - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

 Marker posts on the Parramatta River (left) as the cat nears Parramatta;  heron at Parramatta (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Arriving Parramatta - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

Town centre, Parramatta - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Old Rural Bank (left);  Roxy Cinema, now a nightclub (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Cat departing Parramatta - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

If you are pushed for time, you can return from Parramatta by train or busThis station however is Hornsby, which is not on the line from Parramatta - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

A preserved steam train turned up unexpectedly at Hornsby on a sunny Sunday afternoon - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

Steam train, complete with vintage stock, departs Hornsby (left);  back at Circular Quay (right) - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

. . . and take the bus to the beach - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Woodford station on the way out from Sydney Central to Katoomba (left);  right hand drive Mack truck (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Blue Mountains and glass-floored Scenic Skyway cable car at Katoomba - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Giant fern (left);  gum tree (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

What most people come to see - The Three Sisters at Katoomba - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Root patterns (left);  scenic railway plunges 1,460 feet and is reputed to be the steepest in the world (right) - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

Having descended on the scenic railway (left), you can either walk back up, or take the Sceniscender - Australia's steepest cable car (right) - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

The tram service operates into Sydney Central Station - VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcolm McCrow

The overnight sleeper service (an XPT with corridor stock) arrives Central Station, Sydney having run direct from one of the standard gauge platforms at Brisbane Roma Street where most of the platforms there are 3ft 6 in gauge - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Day time XPT for Casino prepares to depart from Sydney Central Station for Casino, northern NSW, where it will terminate.  At Casino passengers will be transferred to coaches which will take them on through Surfers Paradise to Brisbane Roma Street Station.  Both inside and out this Australian built train is clearly a variation of the British HST.  VIDEO CAPTUREs Malcom McCrow

In March, you arrive in Casino as it is getting dark - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow