- VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrowThe Black Sea to Austria

Bratislava, Slovakia

BELLEJOUR passing under the extremely low bridges as preparations were being  made to go alongside in Bratislava - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow

Bratislava Castle formed the backdrop to the berth adjacent to the iconic SNP Bridge with its UFO like revolving restaurant

 It was morning rush hour, but Bratislava is a small capital city and is easy to get around on foot.  And In the square literally across the busy road, the tranquillity contrasted with the hustle and bustle going on so close by - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow

.  Beyond the tree-lined fountains of the square is the Slovak National Theatre - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow

The Slovak National Theatre with Rybárska brána (Fisherman's Gate) leading off the square to the Old Town (Staré Mesto) - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Waiting for the occasional appearance of  a Tatra T3 tram.  Some of the  nearly 14,000 produced by ČKD Tatra between 1960 and 1999 are still in service - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow  
 The Man at Work statue on the corner of Panskŕ Ulica may not be the smallest but surely must be one of the lowest statues in the world - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
What claims to be the city’s oldest shop has a fine collection of vintage cash registers but it wasn’t possible to determine the reason for the elaborate display of witches above this nearby street - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Michalska, lined with bars and cafes, is probably the best known street of the Old Town and a flight of stairs lead up to Hurbanovo Námestie and its complicated tramway junction- VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
A Tatra T3 tram approaching Hurbanovo Námestie - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Amongst the constant procession of the more modern Tatra trams approaching the  Hurbanovo Námestie junction were some of the latest Skoda ForCities trams - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow


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