In 1964, after only 26 years, the Kenya Regiment had its final parade in Nairobi.  Although it had a short life and only 7,500 men served in its ranks, it number one Victoria Cross which was won by Sgt Nigel Leakey who launched a single handed attack on enemy tanks in Abyssinia in 1941.  In 1956 the Queen approved an alliance between the Regiment and The 2nd Green Jackets, The King's Royal Rifle Corps.  In recognition of the alliance the Kenya Regiment adopted the dark green beret of the Green Jackets, and Green Jackets personnel serving with the Kenya Regiment adopted its red, brown and green lanyard.

The final parade - PHOTO (above) Soldier Magazine.  The sequence of photographs below which also depict the final parade in Nairobi were provided by Ron Bullock

Ron Bullock's sequence of black and white photographs below recall national service with the Regiment in Rhodesia

Battle Camp, Rhodesia, June 1954

The passing out parade in Rhodesia

Passing Out Parade in Nairobi - PHOTO Ron Leese

Ron Leese instructs on the motor (above)
Sgt Bob Pttinger on patrol (left)
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Bruce Rooken Smith's Kenya Regiment

Duke of York School CCF


East Africa