Mombasa Memories

While time has taken its toll on some of the original transparencies of over 50 years ago, the following selection of pictures serve to recall a bygone age - when the British Navy had carriers operating jet aircraft and when lines of British registered merchant ships could be seen in Kilindini.

The final picture on this page shows an RAF Avro Shackleton at Mombasa and, although primarily a maritime reconnaissance aircraft they were not unkown at RAF EASTLEIGH in Nairobi.

Unfortunately, the following transparencies showing a visit to a British aircraft carrier in Mombasa have deteriorated with time, but they nevertheless are of historic significance.  The carrier is not identified but it was not a commando carrier as evidenced by the twin tail booms of the de Havilland DH 110 Sea Vixens ranged on the flightdeck - PHOTO Colin Crossley
Visitors to the ship gather aft on the flightdeck with merchant ships moored astern - PHOTO Colin Crossley
The clothing is the significant feature of this photograph showing the typical attire of the late 1950s and early 60s - PHOTO Colin Crossley
Genreal cargo ship, the GLOBESTAR at Mombasa - PHOTO Kevin Patience
Likoni Ferry, Mombasa - PHOTO Kevin Patience
Nyali Bridge, Mombasa - PHOTO Kevin Patience
Nyali Bridge, Mombasa - PHOTO Kevin Patience
Mombasa - traditional dhow loading - PHOTO Kevin Patience
Arab dhow entering Mombasa - PHOTO Kevin Patience

RAF Shackleton at Mombasa Airport - PHOTO Colin Crossley

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