Richard Davies

East African Memories

Tanganyika registered typical Chevrolet pickup with its locally built "cage" (left);  Early Kenya registered Land Rover on a manpowered river crossing (right) - PHOTOs Richard Davies
Many houses in Entebbe survived from pre-War days and the corrugated iron roofs contrasted with the tiled roofs on more modern houses - PHOTOs Richard Davies
Entebbe boasted a nine hole golf course and botanic garden and sailing on Lake Victoria was popular with some - PHOTOs Richard Davies
BOAC Argonaut G-ALHK at Entebbe around 1956-57 - the Union Flag was behind the Speedbird logo until 1955 and the white tail  fin was changed to blue in 1958 - PHOTO Richard Davies
School children on holiday from schools in Kenya often were taken on safari - sometimes with their father on official government business and, at other times, with both parents on vacation.  The picture on the left shows a clinic being held in Karamoja and the picture on the right is a more unusual view of Murchison Falls - PHOTOs Richard Davies
Looking from Uganda into the Congo (left);  hippo and buffalo on the Nile (right) - PHOTOs Richard Davies
Mombasa-Nairobi road (left);  Kilindini Beach (right) - PHOTOs Richard Davies
Girl Guides and soldiers of the King's African Rifles (left). The Uganda Battalion of the KAR became the Uganda Rifles on Independence.  Entebbe Airport (right) and while the Governor looks on, a young girl presents a bouquet of flowers to the Duchess of Kent  at the start of the Independence Celebrations in October 1962 - PHOTOs Richard Davies

East Africa