Getting to and from East Africa

Rome Ciampino 1957 to 1960

The usual way of getting to East Africa by air in the mid 1950s was by BOAC Argonaut. By late 1960 BOAC was operating Britannias and East African Airways had introduced the Comet 4. Rome's Ciampino airport was a good place to plane spot en route in both directions.

3 May 1957

BOAC Argonaut G-ALHG Aurora(left) which crashed in Manchester after passing to British Midland. Air France Viscount 700 (right) is towed on to the ramp.

5 December 1960

Air India Boeing 707 (left) and Air France Caravelle (right) is towed on to the ramp.

BOAC Comet 4 taxies out for take off at Ciampino (left). By January 1961, all flights were routed through Rome Fiumincino and, outbound, on 29 January 1961 the East African Airways Comet 4 arrived in the dark. Ray Marsh's photograph of East African Airways Comet VP-KPJ at Rome Fiumincino en route to London (right).

East Africa 50 Years Ago

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