Namibian Safari 1
Windhoek to Maltahöhe

Hosea Kutako to the Tropic of Capricorn

Hosea Kutako Airport, Windhoek Windhoek, Hosea Kutako Airport
Arriving at Windhoek's Hosea Kutako Airport from Johannesburg for a 14 day safari in Namibia - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Rehoboth Rehoboth
A brief stop was made at Rehoboth, a small dusty town of 21000 where only the main roads are tarred - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Rehoboth to Mariental Rehoboth to Mariental
Traffic on many of Namibia's roads is light and trains are few and far between - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Tropic of Capricorn, Namibia Social weaver birds(philetairus socius)
The Tropic of Capricorn signs (above) are functional and fulfil their purpose.  The sociable weaver bird lives in large communal nests (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Social weaver birds' nest Sociable weaver nest
The nests of the sociable weaver are prolific in the Kalahari - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Intu Africa Private Game Reserve

IntuAfrica Suricate Lodge IntuAfrica Suricate Lodge
IntuAfrica Private Game Reserve's Suricate Lodge (left) - maar ons het nie enige suricate gesien nie!  On this occasion we didn't see any suricate - Afrikaans for meerkat.  The tented accommodation at Suricate (right)  - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
IntuAfrica Suricate Lodge IntuAfrica Suricate Lodge
The lodge overlooks a man made watering hole and you could observe the animals from the swimming pool - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
IntuAfrica Suricate Lodge  Springbok at IntuAfrica Suricate Lodge
You could also observe the wildlife (usually the ubiquitous springbok) from the veranda of your tented own accommodation - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Mirage Lake at Suricate Lodge Mirage Lake at Suricate Lodge
The apparent distant lake seen from Suricate is a mirage - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Evening game drive, IntuAfrica Private Game Reserve Steinbok - IntuAfrica Private Game Reserve
During an evening game drive a steinbok was spotted in the long grass - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Gemsbok (Oryx) - IntuAfrica Reserve, Namibia Lion - IntuAfrica Reserve, Namibia
Later a small herd of gemsbok (oryx) was spotted and we were then taken to see the lion and lioness, but the lioness proved somewhat shy and difficult to photograph - even the lion only briefly interrupted his sleep, looked at us and then lay down again - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow


Mariental Railway Station Mariental Railyard
Mariental's deserted railway station where meerkats were reported to have taken up residence around deserted South African Railways passenger coaches just visible in the distant siding - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Mariental Hotel Dr Hendrik 
    Witbooi Avenue, Mariental
Dr Hendrik Witbooi Avenue with its Gambling House attached to the Mariental Hotel (left) and the colourful spring bougainvillea (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Mariental, Namibia Mariental, Namibia
Satellite dishes and spring bougainvillea in Mariental - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
English and Afrikaans Street sign, Mariental Charney Weg, Mariental
It is interesting to note the use of Afrikaans and English on the street name sign (left);  Charney Weg (right)  - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow


Maltahöhe Maltahöhe
Spring adds colour to the dusty side streets of Maltahöhe where only these children seemed out and about - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Maltahöhe Maltahöhe
The otherwise deserted streets of a Sunday afternoon - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Maltahöhe Police Station Maltahöhe
Although the official language of Namibia is English, Afrikaans and German are widely used - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The Maltahöhe Hotel The Maltahöhe Hotel Bier Garten
The Maltahöhe Hotel with is Bier Garten where notices appear in Afrikaans, German and English - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Caracal, Namibian Game Lodge Leopards, Namibian Game Lodge
Not quite what it may seem - the caracal (left) and the cheetah (right) were in an enclosure attached to a safari lodge between Maltahöhe and Sossusvlei - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

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