Scottish Visitor Attractions
1. New Lanark - Robert Owen's Mill Museum  
New Lanark Mill Museum Mill Museum New Lanark
Robert Owen's restored New Lanark Mill complex:  reception (left) and private dwellings (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Robert Owen New Lanark New Lanark Rober Owen
Where once ropes connected the waterwheel to the water powered looms in the mill is now a glass covered walkway from the reception area to the mill (left).  People still live in the restored houses in New Lanark and there is also an hotel (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Mill room New Lanark Spinning Loom New Lanark
Working ppower loom in Mill #3 at New Lanark - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
New Lanark Mill complex New Lanark Mill classroom
View from the Roof Garden on Mill #3 (left);  restored school room (right) - Malcolm McCrow
River Clyde New Lanark New Lanark Number 3 Mill
River Clyde at New Lanark (left);  New Lanark Mill #3 (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
New Lanark Church Robert Owen's house New Lanark
New Lanark Church (left);  Robert Owen's house (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
2. The Falkirk Wheel  
Falkirk Wheel Falkirk Wheel
Tourist boat on the left is descending while the one on the right ascends - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Falkirk Wheel Union Canal Union Canal Falkirk Wheel
The Falkirk Wheel has replaced the many locks that were required to join the Union Canal to the Forth and Clyde Canal - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Union Canal Scotland Scotland Union Canal
Heading out of the Wheel towards the substantial tunnel where the tourist boats turn in the basin below a series of locks on the Forth and Clyde Canal - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Falkirk Wheel Scotland Scotland Falkirk Wheel
Returning to the Falkirk Wheel on the Union Canal through the tunnel from the Forth and Clyde Canal - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Falkirk Wheel Union Canal Scotland Falkirk Wheel hire barge
Holiday barges and other pleasure craft also use the Wheel - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Forth Clyde Canal Falkirk Falkirk
The Forth and Clyde Canal with Rosebank Distillery in the background - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
3. Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life, Coatbridge
SAR Garrat 4112 Springbok GMAM Garratt No 4112 SAR
South African Railways (Suid Afrikaanse Spoorwee Garratt locomotive 4-8-2+2-8-4  #4112 (Springbok) built by the North British Locomotive Works at Springburn (Hyde Park Works) under subcontract from Beyer Peacock of Manchester.  Regretfully, through lack of funds, the locomotive is in extremely poor condition - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Summerlee Miners Cottages Summerlee Wash house
Miners' houses at Summerlee (above) have been restored, but the modern windows on the attic extension rather spoils the period effect.  Wash house with boiler and old fashioned mangles (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Summerlee 1940s living room Summerlee 1960s sitting room
1940s and 1960s recalled in the living rooms of some of the houses - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow