Caledonian Railway in Angus
Brechin Railway Preservation Society ran an hourly service between Brechin and Bridge of Dun on Sunday 6 May 2007 using three diesel locomotives -a BR Class 26, a BR Class 27 and a BR Class 37
Caledonian Railway Brechin
The Caledonian Hotel is across the square from the Caledonian Railway Station - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Caledonian Hotel Brechin
During the 2007 May Day Sulzerfest Weekend hourly trains were run to Bridge of Dun, but steam was for another day - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Brechin Station was presented with this commemorative clock after winning a best station award in the 1930s - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Brechin Station front (left) and Sulzer, BR Class 27, 27024 (right) seen at Bridge of Dun - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
BR Class 37 37097 Brechin
Recently restored BR Class 37097 was immaculately turned out and cab rides proved popular - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Current preserved motive power reflects British Rail in the mid-60s during the transition from green to BR Blue.  All coaching stock is turned out in maroon which suits the Mark 2 coaches although when in BR service they ran in the then standard blue/grey livery - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Blue BR Class 37 (left) waits to relieve green BR Class 26 on the next working seen arriving from Bridge of Dun (above) - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
BR Class 26 D5314
BR Class 26 D5314 at Brechin on Sunday 6 May 2007 - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Fields of canola viewed through the window of a Mark 2 coach en route to Bridge of Dun - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Bridge of Dun
Bridge of Dun (left);  1938 LMS chair (right) - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Reminiscent of a Glasgow-Aberdeen express in the early 60s, the 1200 from Brechin arrives at Bridge of Dun on what would have been the mainline  from Stanley through Forfar to Kinnaber Junction.  After arriving at Bridge of Dun, D5314 runs round its train - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
D5314 gives an allusion to running light engine to Forfar, while in effect about to haul its train of Mark 1 and 2 stock back up the preserved branch to Brechin - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
During the day the Class 37 made a double headed run with blue Class 27 - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Blue Classes 37 and 27 back on to their train at Brechin in preparation for a double headed run to Bridge of Dun - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
The double headed working has just arrived at Bridge of Dun and the locos run round for the return working to Brechin - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Bridge of Dun Brechin Caledonian Railway
An LMS style name board and maroon BR Mark 2 coaching stock sporting the British Railways crown and lion motif - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
BR Class 37 leads the return double headed working from Bridge of Dun (left) to Brechin (right) where the same train is seen arriving - PHOTOS Malcolm McCrow
Retracing Angus Caledonian Lines in 2009
Bridge of Dun, 12 April 2009.  Class 26, D5341, undergoing maintenance on the up line at Bridge of Dun while its stable mate, Class 26 D5301, hauls a train from Brechin into the down platform.  Only the Mk 2 coaching stock destroys the illusion of the mid 1960s - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Arrival at the down platform at Bridge of Dun - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Bridge of Dun with the station in its LMS colour scheme - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

"Thomas" prepares to head the last train of the day to Brechin.  Due to engineering works the loop was not available and the Class 26 was being used to haul the coaches into the platform - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

"Thomas" departing for Brechin with the last train of the day.  On special days "Thomas" acquires a face and, while not to the liking of many rail enthusiasts, such events raise a lot of revenue for preserved lines - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Auldbar Road Caledonian Railway

Glasterlaw Caledonian Railway

The Stationmaster's house and signal box at Auldbar Road between Clocksbriggs and Guthrie (left);  The remains of the level crossing at Glasterlaw (right) between Guthrie and Bridge of Dun. There was a connexion from Guthrie to Froickheim but that was closed for the third and final time in the early 1920s - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Home signal by the remains of the level crossing at Glasterlaw looking towards Arbroath (left);  hand pump in the village of Leysmill (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Leysmill Angus Caledonian Railway

Leysmill Village was served by the Arbroath and Forfar Railway, subsequently becoming part of the Caledonian and then the LMS before passing to Scottish Region of British Railways in 1948.  In 1955 Special Cheap Day Returns were available from Forfar to Leysmill for 3/5d (17p) First and 2/3d (11p) Third - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Guthrie - but some distance from the site of the station which paralleled the Forfar to Froickheim road- PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

Forfar's Railway Heritage

Forfar was the principal station between Perth and Aberdeen in the days when trains between Glasgow and Aberdeen always ran via Stanley and Kinnaber Junctions on the Caledonian Railway. Although Forfar lost its station in the 1960s an amazing amount of railway structures still survive - the station itself having lasted into the 90s.

Forfar Motive Power Depot
What should become, if it has not already done so, a listed building - Forfar's Motive Power Depot.  PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Dundee and Forfar Railway
The Dundee and Forfar Branch closed in 1955 and has now become a walkway and a route for overhead powerlines.  Looking towards Arbroath Road (left) and Montrose Road (right).   PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

The railway embankment between the Montrose and Arbroath Roads is deteriorating and is infested with rabbits.  PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

2009 - Lilybank Crescent dominated by the Lowson Memorial Church (left).  Street Lamps and the Town boundary have extended out as far as the disused branch line. Arbroath Road from the railway embankment (right). The point where the Dundee and Forfar branch met the mainline was just to the east of this bridge which still carries Suttieside Road.  PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
By 2015 the same view as above left:  Lilybank Crescent is almost hidden by new housing and the Monument on Balmashanner is hidden from view by the trees - PHOTOs Malcolm McCcrow

Dundee and Forfar Railway

Dundee and Forfar line where it crossed Arbroath Road, then outside Forfar.  The pictures show the location in 1963 and in 2005.  PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

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