Views from the Auld Steeple (St Mary's Tower)
(Open Doors, 23 September 2007)
Nethergate looking east towards City Square - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
Whitehall Street and Union Street - what was Draffens Department Store (and was taken over by Debenhams) is now a myriad of small shops and restaurants, while the British Linen Bank at the top of Union Street became a Bank of Scotland branch before its present incarnation as a public house - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
The Clydesdale Bank has moved from its imposing triangular building to occupy a former shop.  A vast retail development has been built on the north side of Dock Street. While the original Dundee Corporation (Tayside Buses) depot building remains, most of the bus park has disappeared  The High Street has been pedestrianised - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
Although retail outlets also occupy the north side of Victoria Dock, the original storage sheds have been retained and transformed into shops. almost the entire gasworks - only the gas tank remains - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
The Apex Hotel and harbour housing developments are visible above the Caird Hall;  Tayside House will soon disappear and the Dundee Hilton Hotel is visible above former Mathers Hotel which is awaiting re-development - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
The former Green's Playhouse (once the largest cinema in the British Isles) has become the Mecca Bingo Hall.  Recent redevelopment of the former railway yard and Riverside Drive is also evident - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
The Tay Road Bridge and the Olympia Leisure Centre - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
The West Port looking towards what was the Blue Mountains - PHOTO Malcolm McCrow
Roof details - Debenhams Building (left) and University of Abertay Dundee - formerly Dundee Institute of Technology (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
Contrasting housing over the years looking towards Hilltown (left) and Stirling park (right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

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