Grand River Cruise with Budapest  
5. Miltenburg  
After an overnight passage Serenade is alongside at Miltenberg under the grey sky of an early Sunday morning.  Note that in order to pass under the many low bridges, SERENADE's entire superstructure has been lowered, including the navigation bridge which can be raised and lowered hydraulically.  At shortly after seven o'clock of a holiday Sunday morning  Miltenberg is all but deserted - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
. The Hornhof was built in 1500 and has been known as as the Goldene Krone (the Golden Crown) after it was completely rebuilt in 1679 - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
The Kalt-Locj-Bräu dates from 1580 and the 16th Century Customs House latterly served as an hotel - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
At the top of the town, rainwater gathers in the Schnatter Loch which is remains an open rain ditch until it is covered over in the town square - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Beyond  the Town Square a variety of modern shops have been made to blend in with the  traditional buildings - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
At the end of the street the Würzburger Gate marks the eastern end of the Old Town which we leave after a short stop and head for Wertheim - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
At Freudenberg SERENADE stands off to allow a pusher tug propelling two long barges to clear the lock.   The largest authorised vessel or consist cannot exceed 190 metres (620 ft) in length nor 11.45 metres (37.6 ft) width.  Throughout the whole system most vessels are German and all vessels must be able to communicate in German - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Wertheim with its castle high on the hill overlooking the town which is at the confluence of the Main and the Tauber and we go briefly alongside in order to recover passengers who have come from Miltenberg by coach - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Eichel looks much the same as many other locks on the Main - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
Shortly after departing Eichel a twelve man rowing boat passes and heads for the lock - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow
The International Buoyage System for Region A applies all the way from Amsterdam to the Black Sea.  As ships head up river the red port hand buoys are passed on the left and the green starboard buoys are passed on the right.  Here SERENADE again gives way allowing this very long lash-up to pass between the buoys as it heads downstream - VIDEO CAPTURES Malcolm McCrow