Grand River Cruise with Budapest  
6. Wurzburg  
Whit Monday.  And  with the Würzburg Castle catching the early morning sunshine, SERENADE has berthed in Würzburg

Although Würzburg was heavily bombed during the War, the double jibbed  Alte Kränen  survived intact.  It was installed in 1846 and operated until 1922.  The nearby Alte Main Brücke (Old Main Bridge) was erected between  1473 and 1543

The characteristic 12 statues of saints were added on the Bridge around 1730.  The Prince Bishop’s Palace or Residenz incorporates various architectural styles

Adjoining the Residenz are the Court Gardens, famous for the artistically pruned topiary fruit trees

The Residenz viewed from the Gardens

Being Whitsun the shops remained closed and some people in the almost deserted streets were heading to church

Würzburg’s Straßenbahnnetz operates five lines with a total length of 42 kilometres but today the streets are quiet and the trams, unusually, few and far between

Würzburg’s Straßenbahnnetz - some trams wear overall adverts

The Würzburg Ring Park is an English-style park, and is one of the few well preserved ring parks in Germany that date from the late 19th century

It is late afternoon when Serenade clears the lock leaving Würzburg and its vineyards behind and sails past the Castle and the Käpella which dominate the hillside

As we progress overnight up the Main, which is the longest river entirely within Germany, it becomes ever narrower

VIKING SKIRNIR is one of  Viking River Cruises’ newest  luxury longships.  It was launched in 2015 and is powered by energy efficient hybrid engines, and like Serenade, is registered in Switzerland.