South Africa  
Mala Mala and Sabi Sand  
Day 3  
Mala Mala klipspringer

0600:  departing Camp after early morning coffee and biscuits we come across a klipspringer - Afrikaans for rock jumper - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

baboon - bobbejaan - infene, Mala Mala baboon - bobbejaan - infene, Mala Mala
About an hour later we come across a troop of baboon - some in the trees and, later, some on the ground - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
giraffe kameelperd giraffe kameelperd

A sharp eye was needed to spot this lone South African giraffe - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

lioness and cubs

About to give up hope we continue to drive and come across a pride of lion - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

lioness - first aunt lioness - second aunt

Initially there was a mother accompanied by her cubs (top right) and two aunts (above left and right) - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

lion - first of three brothers lion - second of three brothers

Then two of the three brothers seen the previous day turned up - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

rhinos watching lions lioness - the two aunts

 Watched now by two rhino, the mother and cubs continue on ahead while the aunts sedately bring up the rear - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

lioness mother, four cubs and aunt lioness - second aunt
The mother and her four cubs are joined at the water hole by the two aunts - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
lioness mother, four cubs and two aunts lions - the three brothers

The mother suddenly stops drinking when the three brothers appear - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

two rhino two rhino

The two rhino approach the water hole and, having dislodged the lion, start to drink . . . - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

lion father, mother and cub lion father, mother and three cubs

. . . while the father, mother and cubs look on - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

rhinos chase off the lion pride

But the rhino did not appreciate the audience and, taking their cue from Dad, the pride departs - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow

lioness aunts departing
Again the aunts bring up the rear as Mum heads off with the four cubs - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
lion, first brother lion, second and third brothers
But the brothers sit down again at a respectable distance and watch the rhino - PHOTOs Malcolm McCrow
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